One of Drake’s 23 Brides Is From Toronto And That’s How It Was To Film The Music Video

If you’re a Drake fan, chances are you’ve already listened to it Honestly, never mindand of course saw his latest music video for “Falling Back”.

But for those of you who haven’t watched the video (and honestly, where have you been?), Drake marries 23 different women during his over-the-top wedding ceremony with Tristan Thompson as his best man and The hangoverThe foul-mouthed wedding singer who pulls out the 2010 classic “Best I Ever Had.”

While there’s a lot to like about this music video, one of the brides who starred in it had some previous experience filming with the 6ix God, and she told Narcity about what it was like filming it all.

For Ashley Massiah, a 24-year-old model from Toronto, originally from Ajax, it all started when she was cast in Future’s music video for “WAIT FOR U”, starring Drake (and also as a knight in shining armor).

“That was a crazy experience. I networked really well, I think, because of that meeting [with] Director X. I knew Drake before, but it was cool to see him there again and reacquaint us with everything,” Massiah said, saying she met the Toronto rapper briefly when she was bottle service at Sher for a few years. Club worked ago.

“A few weeks later, when I got back from vacation, I got a text from the production manager of Future’s music video and he said, ‘We’d love to have you back for Drake’s music video.'”

So, how was the filming?

Shooting the entire music video took a few days, and while Massiah said the filming was long, it was well worth all the hours because it was “absolutely a lot of fun”.

Director X and Drake not only did a great job explaining exactly what will happen in the video, Massiah said, but they also created a “super fun” atmosphere (that really sounded like the perfect example of “work hard, play hard”).

“Like you guys are drinking, you’re mixing, there’s music being played, the party scene was definitely like a real party,” Massiah said. “It was a real two-hour party that they happened to be filming.”

Massiah said a pre-shooting ritual sometimes included shots of tequila. Try that!

According to the model, the shooting took place at the Fairmont Royal York hotel, across the street from Union Station (which viewers can see at the end of the video), and when they were filming, there were actual weddings going on there. the same weekend.

“Sometimes me and a bunch of brides would be in the elevator, and somebody would just click on the door and it would open and they’d see maybe 10 girls just decked out in full dresses and everything,” Massia said. “It goes without saying that they were very confused.”

When asked what was going on, Massiah said, “It’s like, ‘Yeah, we’re all getting married. To the same man.’ And the door just closed.”

Even though you might think there would be some competition between 23 brides (even if they’re just pretending to be them), Massiah said all the women were “absolutely sweet.”

“I feel like I’ve made a lot of different friends from all over the world that I’d like to see,” said Massiah, adding that she became very close with another bride named Cookie, who came all the way from the UK to film.

What did you think when you saw the video clip?

Massiah’s favorite part of filming is seeing the end result when the video has undergone all the editing. So when she saw “Falling Back,” she said she loved it.

“I thought it was funny and so on with Drake’s brand in general. Marrying 23 women is definitely a journey, but he somehow made it look normal,” Massiah said.

Since the video was posted a week ago, the 10-minute “Falling Back” music video has been viewed more than 10 million times, and Drake has since released an album version of the video.

When asked if she hopes she could star in another Drake music video, Massiah said, “That’s up to him.”

This interview has been abbreviated and edited for clarity.

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