Ottawa BlackJacks stop Edmonton Stingers to win first home game of this season

The Ottawa BlackJacks finally won at home.

Ottawa (2-7) entered the game on a four-game losing streak and 0-4 at home and early on it looked like that streak would end, but the Edmonton Stingers didn’t go down without a fight. They brought the game back to 1 but in Elam Ending the BlackJacks started pulling away thanks to Walt Lemon Jr. who scored 23 points and 9 rebounds.

Along with Lemon Jr. All Ottawa starters scored double-digit points, while Chad Posthumus hit both free throws to secure the 92-84 victory over the Stingers. Posthumus went to the line this season and was only a 54 percent free-throw shooter this season, but the center grabbed both shots to take the win.

Edmonton (5-5) slumped to 3-2 on the way as the defending champion struggled out of the gate. The Stingers trailed 11 after three and their rally came just short. They were led by Marlon Johnson and Demarco Dickerson who both dropped 14 while Jordan Baker had 13 and off the bench Adika Peter-Mcneilly had 12.

Ottawa returns to court on Monday when they head to Scarborough to play the Shooting Stars at 7:30 p.m. ET. Edmonton plays host to the Newfoundland Growlers next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

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