Ottawa man charged with willful hate promotion after found anti-Semitic posters in West End

An Ottawa man is accused of deliberately promoting hate after anti-Semitic posters were found in multiple locations in the western part of the country last fall.

Last November, the Ottawa Police Department’s Hate and Bias Crime Unit launched an investigation into a series of posters of hateful content that had appeared in public spaces. On November 7, anti-Semitic and hateful posters were discovered near a skate park on Centrepointe Drive.

Paul Koppe, 28, of Ottawa was charged in December with 26 counts of hate-motivated mischief.

On Thursday, the Ottawa Police Department announced that Koppe is now facing charges of intentionally promoting hate.

“Detectives have filed a request with the Ontario Attorney General to seek his approval on the formal charge of intentional hate speech related to the incidents,” the police said in a statement.

“On June 13, the request to the Ontario Attorney General was approved and Paul Koppe was subsequently indicted.”

The Ottawa police website says there is no such thing as a hate crime in Canada’s Criminal Code, and charges can fall under Section 319 – Intentional Promotion of Hate.

Under Canada’s Penal Code, intentionally promoting hate is “anyone who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, intentionally promotes hatred against an identifiable group is committing a criminal offense.”

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