Ottawa Police Arrested Two For Gun Possession In ByWard Market Over Long Weekend

There were also 70 “liquor pour-outs” for open drinks in public

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Ottawa police patrolled the ByWard market over the long weekend, broke up the riot and arrested two men for possession of a weapon, police said.

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The Ottawa Police Department (OPS) had increased its presence in the market area for the holiday weekend, the agency wrote in a Tweet Tuesday morning.

“Officers were out and about in the Market area every night this long weekend,” the tweet read. “Liquor stores were checked. Several disturbances were broken up.”

Police conducted more than 70 “liquor pour-outs” for open drinks in public, and in addition to the two men arrested for possession of a firearm, another was arrested for drunk driving.

A popular nightlife hotspot, The Market has witnessed regular violence over the years, including a spate of shootings and stabbings, and on July 15, Vuyo Kashe, 36, was shot and killed on Clarence Street, near King Edward Avenue in the United States. ByWard market area.

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