Ottawa School Bus Companies Launch Driver Recruitment Campaign

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority and school bus operators are launching a new campaign to recruit drivers into the profession after a shortage this year left hundreds of students without transportation to school.

The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority and operators Roxoborugh, Voyago, ML Bradley, First Student and Premier formed a “Driver Recruitment Task Force,” the first of its kind in Ontario. As part of the task force to recruit drivers, a new campaign called ‘Drive Yellow’ was launched on Thursday.

“The driver shortage predates COVID-19 and has been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said OSTA director Vicky Kyriaco. “What we’ve all learned during this challenging time is that we need to work together and lean on each other to make a positive difference. Children need us.”

The ‘Drive Yellow’ school bus driver recruitment campaign is aimed at raising public awareness and raising the profile of school bus drivers and recruiting new school bus and van drivers for the industry.

“‘Drive Yellow’, a multi-faceted campaign, aims to reverse the ongoing driver shortage in the Ottawa region by enticing people who are interested in work-life balance, who love children, and who are engaged in meaningful ways.” want to contribute to their community to consider driving a school bus or a van over other types of vehicles,” said OSTA and the bus operators.

A “Drive Yellow” microsite outlines the benefits of becoming a school bus driver, the requirements and steps to become a driver, and a list of driver job opportunities. There will also be advertising on print, radio, television and community outreach.

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