Out & About: Westmoreland Art Museum organizes ‘triple feature’ reception

A Saturday night reception at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art was a “triple feature,” according to… Anne KraybilliRichard M. Scaife Director/CEO of the Greensburg Museum.

It served as the opening of the exhibition, “Alone Together: Encounters in American Realism,” featuring works by magic realist and scene painting from the 1930s to the 1950s. The exhibition comes from private collectors, other institutions and the museum’s collection, along with works by five contemporary artists.

It also marked the opening of the related “Knowing and Naming: Abstraction Beyond Reality,” the first effort by The Westmoreland’s new curator of American art, Jeremiah McCarthy

Finally, it introduced ‘Shelter in Place’, an exhibition of works by painters Scott Turric by Squirrel Hill who explores the container as a metaphor, using the industrial design of a laundry basket as a source of inspiration.

In a way, the reception also marked the end of a chapter in The Westmoreland’s life, as Kraybill said it was the last public event in her four-year tenure, which will end when she leaves for a similar position at the Wichita Art in July. Kansas Museum.

And another chapter opened, when museum visitors were introduced to McCarthy, who came aboard in April.

“Alone Together” is built around paintings from the collection of Jason Shoe of Boca Raton, Florida, one of the foremost private companies with works of American realism. Shoe was present for the reception along with Marty O’Brien of Sewickley Heights, another lender and board member of the museum.

Guest curator Alex Tayloran assistant professor of art and architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, lived with his husband, Matthew sousa

Featured contemporary artists on site included William DeBernardic of Pittsburgh, along with Mary Henderson of Philadelphia, with her husband, Paul safer† and Jurell Cayetano of Atlanta, with his partner, Paula caves† Turri was also present with his wife, Stephanie Kral.

seen: Helene Conway Long and Tom Long, Alic and Sally Anne Novak, Bob and Arlene Kendra, Genea and Barbara Kravits, Kevin and Judy O’Toole, Barbara Jones, Linda McKenna Boxx, Charles and Sally Ann Loughran, Richard and Eileen Stoner, Barbara Ferrier, Karen Douglas, David Steimer and Annie Urban, Brian McCall and Joanna Moyar, Tony Rutigliano and Karen Burns, Jon and Nina Lewis, Erica Nuckles, Doug Evans, Rhonda Madden, George and Ginnie Leiner, Bonnie West, Scott and Molly Hunter.

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