Paid Classes for the Lycoming County CNA Program

UPMC offers a paid 16-day CNA class for people interested in working in the healthcare industry.

MUNCY, Dad. – Health officials at UPMC hope to add Muncy to the ranks. The demand for healthcare personnel has increased sharply in recent years.

“There is a shortage of health professionals in general,” said Erin Ulrich, a nurse at UPMC.

The healthcare industry offers a Certified Nursing Assistant program. The 120 hour course gives people hands-on experience of working in a hospital environment. The class is taught by licensed nurses such as Erin Ulrich.

“We have people who come into the program who want physical therapy or even medical school or physician assistants and things like that. It’s a really good building block to get that basic knowledge and basic experience,” Ulrich added. †

UPMC partners with local colleges and high schools to increase enrollment. No degree or healthcare experience is required to apply. Students even earn a salary while taking classes.

“They really have a position. They have previously applied for a CNA position at one of our senior community facilities. Once they complete the class, they go to that facility and begin their job,” Ulrich said.

“I wanted to build up my resume and get a little more hands-on experience and get my name out there and build a bit of a network,” says Collin Wesley, a CNA.

Collin Wesley received his CNA certificate in November. Since then he has worked at UPMC Muncy as a nursing assistant.

“It was a really great experience. Getting to know the residents, getting to know the people here and understanding some of the processes of different roles in healthcare,” Wesley added.

If you are interested in a health care career and would like to learn how to enroll in the CNA program, please click here.

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