Paloma Condemns Cancel Culture and Conversations Mental Health

Big Brother 24 contestant Paloma Aguilar shocked everyone when she kicked herself out. Now she’s setting the record straight for her sudden departure.

After her shocking self-deportation from big brother 24Paloma Aguilar takes a closer look at raising mental health awareness and how she feels “cancel culture” is responsible for the rumors about her since she left the game. The 22-year-old interior designer from San Marcos, California, left the competition for the first live eviction of the season due to “a personal matter”, which she later revealed was linked to the deterioration of her mental health while she was in the… Big Brother House.

Although it was clear that Big Brother viewers who watched both the live feeds and television episodes that Paloma was struggling mentally, many social media users thought her self-expulsion may have been related to the micro-aggressions she and some other house guests directed at Taylor Hale, a black woman. The plan was to keep Taylor behind the scenes until Paloma’s departure resulted in the first elimination of the season being cancelled. After Paloma left the house, she insisted that she was not a racist towards Taylor and that she was actually good friends with her. She explained that the real reason she left was because $750,000 wasn’t worth the cost of her mental health.


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In a new Instagram post, Paloma addressed her again Big Brother self-expulsion. She blamed social media for canceling culture and Big Brother production for her negative image since she left home, saying: “It’s such a shame how social media tries to take a person down through a culture of cancellation because of the way things were portrayed to fit into a story for ‘good TV’. People see it as ‘the ultimate truth of reality’ when in reality everything is cut to fit the story they want, even the live feeds being cut from room to room when things are said that change the storyline of their [sic] go with.” Paloma’s Choices of Videos Revealed How Big Brother production work. In one video, she laughs with Taylor as she cleans the mirror over the bathroom sink big brothers request. The video shows that the mirror is actually a two-way mirror that is transparent on the other side, so that Big Brother can watch the house guests. Paloma even called it a window. Another video shows how the live feeds were cut off during one of her conversations.

Big Brother Paloma Aguilar

Paloma then explained that she was leaving Big Brother because “an ongoing battle for sanity that I faced, which once began within the confines of an idealistic utopia of a reality set.” The former Big Brother house guest said she quickly became obsessed with game, and as a result she “forgot how to take care of myself. FOMO [fear of missing out] consumed all my movements.” She said she only slept 2-4 hours at night and couldn’t function because “Everyone keeps each other busy with gaming.” Paloma also shared that she “I didn’t see the sun for 5 days, so I started to lose [sic] touch with reality.” She said the lack of windows and 100 cameras working 24/7, even during sleeping hours, “Eaten me alive.” She emphasized, No one understands the psychological challenge of reality television unless you EXPERIENCE it firsthand.” Controversially Big Brother star Paloma concluded her post by saying she believes mental health is something she thinks should be “championing” with her platform because “it gets so stigmatized and belittled in a world where the majority of us are secretly confronted with something to do with mental health.”

although a lot Big Brother houseguests have done very well in the reality TV environment, there are some, like Paloma, who have pointed out how difficult it is to be watched continuously in the house. Also, while many people have criticized Paloma’s claim that the show manipulates the story because the live feeds show everything, for a long time viewers have known that the show often cuts the feeds. The videos also show Paloma and Taylor laughing together, which was not aired on the show. Big Brother is supposed to be a fun, exciting and challenging game that tests the physical, mental, social and emotional skills of the participants. Paloma was right to leave the house when she reached her limit. Hopefully she can use her experience on Big Brother to raise awareness about mental health.

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Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 PM EDT and Thursdays at 9:00 PM EDT on CBS.

Source: Paloma Aguilar/Instagram

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