Parks Canada tracks anthrax outbreak in Wood Buffalo National Park

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FORT SMITH, NWT – Parks Canada says it is monitoring an outbreak of anthrax in remote areas of Wood Buffalo National Park.

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The agency says staff have observed at least 59 bison carcasses in the park and the deaths are believed to be caused by anthrax, which mainly affects ungulates.

The bacteria that causes anthrax occurs naturally in the soil, which bison can contract by wallowing in dust baths.

A lab has confirmed the presence of anthrax in three of the dead bison.

The largest national park in the country, the park stretches from northeastern Alberta to the Northwest Territories.

Parks Canada says resource conservation workers are operating daily flights to monitor the extent of the outbreak.

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A national incident management team assists in the removal of carcasses.

It says risk to the public remains low and road-accessible visitor facilities remain safe.

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