Pastor Says She Was Groped On Metro Escalator – NBC4 Washington

A woman says she was groped on a Metro escalator earlier this week.

Tammy Ferguson, a pastor with the Bridges to God Ministries, recently started commuting to work by subway again after being stopped earlier in the pandemic.

Monday around 4 p.m., she was on the escalator at the U Street station when a man on the other side reached over the dividing wall to attack her.

“He’s reaching over and clearly grabbing my backside,” said Ferguson. ‘Because I think: what’s going on? I think someone is taking on me from behind.”

She said she felt violated and humiliated by the crime.

Seeing a News4 report about the viral TikTok of a 21-year-old woman who was threatened and sexually harassed at the Foggy Bottom station prompted Ferguson to tell her story.

“They have a very clear picture of this man and I hope they will broadcast that so he can be seen and hopefully apprehended,” she said.

Metro confirms it is investigating.

“It was horrific and I was terrified,” Ferguson said. “And I look back, and he looks at me with this grin.”

Hill East Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Denise Krepp filed a police report after she and her husband were threatened by a man with a knife at the Metro Center station in April. She has spent years trying to collect statistics on how many people arrested by the Metro Transit Police are released back onto the streets without being prosecuted.

“I feel empathy for this poor young girl that we all hear about on TikTok, yes,” she said. “The man who said those horrible things about her probably said a lot of things to a lot of women.”

A 2018 study commissioned by Metro shows that women are two times more likely than men to be sexually harassed while using transit.

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