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And finally now

More bad news for Australian tech outfit Nuix on Wednesday, with the company advising investors or company secretary Michael Egan‘s departure and general council Brian Krupczak is replaced by Ilona Meijer, pharmaceutical giant Boehringer Ingelheim joins.

What was not announced was that Nuix’ executive vice president of the Americas Ethan Treese has gone, as well as the head of the company’s – very important – technical operation, Paul Keen.

The departure follows warnings of the bleak set of results for fiscal year 2021-2022: Earnings, earnings and contract values ​​have all fallen sharply compared to the previous year. The only thing that went up was attorney’s fees, to fund multiple high-profile legal actions facing the firm.

It’s not all bad news. Australian Ethical Investments remains confident and will issue a further $640,000 on July 19 on a further million Nuix shares at around 64 cents, on top of the $29 million the fund has spent since June last year. That last tranche was worth $570,000 on Wednesday.

In the midst of it all, Nuix CEO Jonathan Rubinstein keeps its eyes on the bigger picture and predicts that the company’s new goal – “to be a force for good, by finding truth in the digital world” – would provoke a “vigorous internal debate about what is right and what is truth.” is”.

He then went on to share a meandering post about the nature of truth written by his 19-year-old daughter.

Doubtless. We think they have plenty of other things to talk about too.

otter power

As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley is the most senior officer in the United States Army and no doubt familiar with all manner of highly advanced military technology. But while in Sydney, the top general reacted with amazement after meeting “Otter,” the transcription app that journalists at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel used to record his press conference.

He even wanted to have a turn, speaking in… Financial times news reporter Demetrius of Sevastopolhis phone. One of Milley’s advisers was less impressed, pointing out the app’s vulnerability to Chinese snooping.

Milley didn’t seem bothered by this, although he had warned reporters just minutes earlier that China wanted to “bully and dominate” the Indo-Pacific.


The approaching retirement of Vaucluse MP Gabrielle Upton means the race is on for the NSW Liberals to find a candidate to represent some of Sydney’s most exclusive real estate.

In an area most vulnerable to a teal raid, there is broad consensus that the Liberals need a female candidate. That’s why Tuesday’s Liberal Women’s Luncheon at the Sydney Women’s Club – the first such event in two years – served as an unofficial launch of the pre-selection campaign.

Upton, along with all four future successors to the party’s state vice president Mary-Lou JarvisGreater Woollahra Susan Wynneformer TV presenter Kelly Sloane (once approached to work as a teal) and Coalition for Conservation chair Cristina Tolackowere in the room. Daisy Turnbullwho was once considered a candidate was not there and we are told that he is probably not eligible.


Unlike the party’s frenetic federal pre-selections this year, the candidates want it to be civilized and productive. Good luck.

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