Pavement Set to Five Official Album-themed Pierogi. to reveal

On Friday, August 19, Pavement will be honored with special album-themed pierogi at an event in Parma, Ohio. Local businesses Schnitz Ale Brewery, Rudy’s Strudel and the Current Year Records and Tapes are joining forces for the ticketed event, which will feature “special variations of Pavement pierogi”, matching beer flights and a vinyl DJ set from the band Bob Nastanovich.

“I’m excited and amazed at a group of Pavement enthusiasts who aspire to have our band play at a local football stadium for a while,” Nastanovich said in a statement. “Under the leadership of Lidia at Rudy’s and the Stutzes, the effort was heartwarming. I thought the least I could do is stop by, play a variety of weird tunes, and try to pick up some dinero for a good cause. I love the Cleveland area and it’s been too long.”

In an exclusive statement to Pitchfork, event representatives said the Pavement pierogi were reduced from fourteen potential flavors to five winners, one named after each Pavement album: two meat pierogi, two vegetarian pierogi and one dessert pierogi. The Twilight Twilight dessert pierogi has sour cherries, macadamias, and vanilla ice cream that’s paired with date-infused sour cream. Other pierogi include steamed asparagus, Parma prosciutto, and gorgonzola, as well as sweet Italian sausage, ricotta, fresh basil, and a regional marinara. Nastanovich will reveal who came with each pierogi on the night of the event.

“When we started working on this, Lidia – who is Cleveland’s pierogi princess – told me she asked the band, ‘So, do you like pierogi?’ and she said they said, ‘Oh, we love pierogi!'” said the current year’s Michael Stutz. “We just feel that when a band or artist really makes a difference and has made a significant contribution to the cultural landscape, and to our hearts, giving their own official pierogi flavor with an induction here in Parma is about the highest honor you might ask. So it’s not just for everyone. It is something very special.”

Tickets to the Parma for Pavement event cost $10 on MeowSold with seats available to reserve at a European-style table auction. At Nastanovich’s request, all proceeds will go to All Faiths Pantry, a local nonprofit that delivers groceries to Parma’s seniors. Earlier this summer, Rudy’s went viral for them Kate Bush Pierogiwhich was based on an old recipe of hers with brown rice, steamed carrots and wild mushrooms.

Pavement recently announced special anniversary reissues for their debut album Slanted and Enchanted and the 1999 Spit on a stranger ep. Last month they released the deluxe reissue Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal. Earlier this summer, Pavement kicked off their highly anticipated reunion tour, with the indie rock icons set to be on the road through late November.

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