PC Party’s apostrophe problem leads to satirical fundraiser

A literary arts and civics teacher at Canterbury High School has had enough of the erroneous apostrophe on the front page of the Progressive Conservative (PC) Party website, so he’s raising money to donate to an education foundation in the name of party leader Doug Ford.

What AJ Blauer really wants to do is buy a bottle of electronic Wite-Out, or maybe fund the development of such a product. But he will be happy with the donation to the Education Foundation of Ottawa.

Blauer first noticed the error — “Doug Ford and the Ontario PCs” — on the first day of the election campaign when he and his citizenship students searched online party platforms.

It should be the multiple PCs, not the possessive PCs.

VIEW | Ottawa man raises money to fix abused apostrophe on PC party website

Ottawa man raises money to fix abused apostrophe on PC party website

AJ Blauer, a literary arts and civics teacher at Canterbury High School, says he started a satirical online fundraiser for “electronic Wite-Out” after spotting an error on the Progressive Conservative website.

It has remained on the main page ever since, he told CBC Radios Ottawa morning on Friday.

Blauer insists his displeasure is not political and that he would be just as annoyed if the Green Party or the Liberals had made the same mistake.

“The misuse of the apostrophe is probably the bane of my literary existence,” Blauer said. “People who use the apostrophe to multiply dates and acronyms, it drives me crazy. I can’t ignore it.”

Elsewhere on the page, the grammatical waters are still. (ontariopc.ca)

Punctuation ‘doesn’t grow on trees’

“Help me help Doug make the PCs grammatically great again,” reads Blauer’s Thursday campaign on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe.

“Doug Ford think punctuation grows on trees????????”

Eight people had donated $265 by Friday morning. The campaign goal is $1,000.

(How will Blauer respond to the missing apostrophe in the previous sentence? Our guess: Not happy.)

LISTENING | Blauer’s full interview with Ottawa Morning:

Ottawa morning7:59PC Party Apostrophe Abatement Fund

AJ Blauer is a proponent of using apostrophes correctly. So when he saw that the Ontario PC party website had a strange apostrophe, he sprang into action. The Ottawa teacher created a GoFundMe called the “PC Party Apostrophe Abatement Fund” to kind of poke fun at the grammatical error while raising money for the Education Foundation of Ottawa.

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