Peterborough mayor fires back at followers of Romana Didulo

An Ontario mayor had spoken harshly to protesters who tried to arrest local police officers on Saturday.

In a tweet published Tuesday, Peterborough Mayor Diane Therrien called a group of protesters led by Canadian conspiracy theorist Romana Didulo “F*** wads” and told them “F*** off”.

About 30 people gathered at a police station in Peterborough on Saturday after Didulo ordered her followers to try to place officers under civilian arrests.

No officer was successfully arrested. However, police said officers arrested two men — a 54-year-old from Millbrook, Ont., now charged with mischief and resisting arrest, and a 55-year-old from Innisfil, Ont., now charged with two counts of assaulting the Police .

On Monday, Acting Police Chief Tim Farquharson released a video statement saying a third person, a 31-year-old Peterborough man, was arrested on Sunday. The man is said to have kicked the back door of the police station and ‘beaten’ an officer.

In her tweet, Therrien said she hates “giving airtime/spotlighting to these morons”.

Based in Victoria, BC, Didulo uses the Telegram messaging app to communicate with a group of more than 70,000 subscribers.

Within this group, and in videos online, Didulo has proclaimed herself “Queen of Canada,” “Commander in Chief,” and “Head of State and Government,” roles she says were given to her by the U.S. military after Queen Elisabeth was executed.

The group opposes COVID-19 mandates and, led by Didulo, issued false strike orders to media, politicians and health professionals during the pandemic, demanding that they stop all health measures related to COVID-19.

This year she traveled in a campervan across Canada, stopping to meet with followers and hold gatherings. She appeared in Ottawa during the so-called Freedom Convoy protest in February.

With files from CTV News Luca Caruso-Moro of Montreal.

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