Prominent Leaker Teases Menacing God of War Ragnarok PS5, PS4 Reveals

If you’ve been following the video game industry closely over the past few weeks, you’re familiar with Twitter leaker the tell-tale – an “insider” with an impeccable batting record, covering everything from Sony’s recent Situation to a number of announcements in non-E3 week. So reliable are this sneakster’s rumors that you can take practically everything from their account as confirmation.

A superimposed Kratos meme with what appears to be a code at the bottom will then make PlayStation fans’ hearts beat faster. Many believe that the 11110 is binary for June 30 – or actually June 30. This is a Thursday, the day Sony tends to hold State of Play broadcasts. It also matches what other journalists have said: that more news will be shared at the end of the month.

Obviously The Snitch has resorted to riddles with their newfound fame, so the tweet is open to interpretation. However, given the rumor-maker’s track record, rest assured that: something will soon continue with God of War Ragnarok. Sit down people – it’s going to be a pleasure end of the month!

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