Puppies with a Purpose: Service Dog Volunteers Needed at The Ability Center

Many people struggle with both physical and mental health problems. Many of them would benefit greatly from having a service dog, but unfortunately that is not something everyone can afford or devote enough training time to. Now is the time for dog lovers to unite and make service dogs accessible to all in need.

The Ability Center is looking for potential puppy educators to facilitate the process of training future service dogs in the area. Interested parties can attend a Volunteer Open House on Wednesday 15 June from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM at 5605 Monroe Street, Sylvania, Ohio.

Once registered as a volunteer, there will be mandatory training once a week to assist your assigned puppy. They will be taught fundamental skills through obedience and manners. Outside of these classes, a foster home’s job will be to provide love and care for the dog. Vet visits, pet food, and other essential items are provided free of charge by the Ability Center. Volunteers are welcome from Lucas, Ottawa, Wood, Fulton, Henry, Defiance and Williams County.

Raising a puppy is not an easy task, but this type of work is rewarding because individuals help someone in need. Efforts by foster families could potentially help an army vet, a blind person, or even a child with a debilitating condition.

If you would like more information or are considering applying, we have the following links to do your own research and see if this is right for you:

Go to Ever considered volunteering as a service dog? (constantcontact.com) for the event page. ACAD Puppy Raiser Postcard WEB (abilitycenter.org) gives you access to the Volunteer Package. The link to the Facebook is (2) Volunteer Open House – Service Dogs | facebook and the previous foster video is up Volunteer Testimony – Tammy Conlon – YouTube

If you may not be able to raise a puppy right now, there are always a number of ways you can give back to The Ability Center. For more information about donating, please visit: Donate – The Ability Center† If you are interested in volunteering, you can follow this link at: Volunteer, Dog Training Volunteer – Sylvania, Toledo, Ottawa Hills | The Skills Center of Greater Toledo

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