RACING: Everything you need to know about the unique sim racing game

RENNSPORT recently made a splash, an all new sim racing game from a brand new studio. Here’s everything you need to know so far, from pricing to release date and VR support.

Since its first reveal in April, mystery and intrigue have surrounded the all-new sim racing game RACING. However, after a summit in Munich, Germany, we were able to ask members of the development team important questions and learn more about what could be an important addition to the race platform roster.

We also got to play an early build extensively – our impressions, plus gameplay footage and a CEO interview will follow later this week.

For now, though, here’s everything you need to know about RACING so far.


RENNSPORT is a racing simulator video game for PC created by a new company – Competition Company GmbH.

Who develops RACING?

Competition Company GmbH consists of a group in Poland, a group in Munich, Germany, and a network of external contributors across Europe.

Morris Hebecker is co-founder and CEO of RENNSPORT. Adam Goldberg, who previously served as Franchise Executive Producer for Forza Motorsport 7, is also involved, while the lead programmer is Krzysztof Szczech, formerly of Teyon, where he worked on Monster Truck Championship.

“The core game team consists of 40 members, after that a second team will work on mobile integration and the basic technical platform for the APIs that partners will use. We are growing every month,” explains Hebecker.

RENNSPORT chief programmer Krzysztof Szczech (r) and CEO Morris Hebecker (m) interviewed by Matthew Trivett (l)

What game and physics engines does RENNSPORT use?

RENNSPORT is built in Unreal Engine 5, but the car physics and tire models are unique and made from scratch, before marrying UE5.

“We’ve been working on the physics to make them compatible with Unreal Engine, because [I think] Unreal physics are not usable for sim racing. We had to have a separate code that synchronized with Unreal,” explains Szczech.

“We’re still tweaking the values ​​— like the number of contact patches and frequency — but you might be surprised when we finalize that.”

On which platforms is RENNSPORT available?

RENNSPORT is being developed for PC.

“It would be great to have RENNSPORT on console,” said company CEO Hebecker.

“There are several elements – we are focused on esports and mods, so for console we will have to adapt it. It’s an option, but if we have to cut most of our main ideas, we won’t bring it [to more devices]†

“We need to figure out if we’re going to have a good product for the console, if not, we’ll stick with the PC.”

Michi Hoyer, Burst Esports, simracer, logs into RENNSPORT

Will there be VR support?

Yes, the current plan is to add virtual reality support from the launch of RENNSPORT.

“There can be no real sim racing game without VR. We are in full development,” explains Szczech.

“We also have a lot of ideas, like how we can improve viewing in VR, beyond just driving, which we are also working on,” said Hebecker.

Jernej Simončič, Burst Esport, drivers RENNSPORT
Jernej Simončič, Burst Esport, drivers RENNSPORT

Will there be support for three screens?

Our view is that this feature is a “hopeful” inclusion for now, based on the current progress of the RENNSPORT development team.

“Unreal Engine 5 Isn’t Very Good For” [triple screen support]so for now we are actively working on it,” said Szczech.

“We [have] encountered some issues, and as far as we know we’re not the only ones with this one.

“We are in close contact with Epic Games and we hope they will sort it out. We’ll do it, shall we say sooner rather than later.”

Will there be dynamic weather?

Transitions from day to night and varying weather conditions are planned for RENNSPORT, but the first priority is to implement dynamic track surfacing, such as rubbering.

“Later, we want to add dynamic time of day and weather,” emphasized Szczech.

RACING late night gameplay

When can I play RACING?

Before the game comes out, there will be a closed beta and then an open beta in 2023. Additionally, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​event in June, entrants will be able to take part in a Goodwood Hillclimb time trial competition using RENNSPORT.

Is esports central?

Yes, it looks like it is. The game’s reveal top revolved around a LAN, even with 12 sim racing platforms.

To participate, each participant registered via a mobile app. This then placed competitors in groups. When it was time for your group to race, you scanned a QR code on the screen to confirm your identity.

The system then recorded your best lap time and anyone present at the event could check the app at any time to see your current position.

Enzo Bonito, Team Redline, wins RACING Summit 1
Team Redline’s Enzo Bonito (r) won RENNSPORT’s Summit 1

This in turn determined the splits – via a complicated team averaging time system – for racing, before each leg eliminated the drivers for the final, won by Team Redline’s Enzo Bonito.

A remarkable system, given that this is in an early alpha stage, with the aim of elevating racing esports to, say, Counter-Strike live competitions. This is also evident as the esports partner is best known as the creators of the ESL Pro League.

There will also be some form of esports competitions before the game comes out.

The RENNSPORT app for LAN events in use

“We really plan to get into esports before we have the final release because the esports and sim racing community is our main focus,” explains the game’s CEO.

“We are confident and we believe it is the right way.”

How about an online ranking system?

We haven’t seen any real, remote, online gameplay yet – just the LAN event. There are plans to implement a rating and/or safety rating system, analogous to iRacing or Gran Turismo 7, but how that will be structured remains to be seen.

“We plan to have a ranking system, which will move up to the highest esports event. A closed system, like a fairness rating,” Hebecker theorized.

“We have a special team for these things, but it’s definitely in our plan and what we have in mind. Take the best parts of what there is and try to make it better.”

What cars and tracks are there in RENNSPORT?

The RENNSPORT alpha build we tried featured the BMW M4 GT3, Porsche 911 GT3 R and electric Porsche Mission R. The tracks were the Goodwood Hillclimb and the Hockenheimring. However, more are planned.

“Futuristic cars, historic cars and hopefully some open-wheelers,” Hebecker said when pressed for more details.

“GT3 cars are the beginning of bringing together all car partners at the grassroots level.

“We Only Have Two” [car manufacturer] partners [to reveal] currently. We will announce three more in two months.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll have all the really important brands in the next 12 to 18 months.”

RACING Goodwood and Porsche Mission R

How much does RACING cost?

The current plan for RENNSPORT is a ‘free-to-enter’ model. Although the details are not yet known, at first glance this reminds us of RaceRoom Racing Experience.

This allows you to race for free with a select number of cars and tracks, but with most of the content behind a paywall.

“It’s really important for us to get maximum [number] of users on the platform and show them what is possible with the game,” said the CEO of RENNSPORT.

“There is currently an internal discussion going on to make the final decision on what free-to-enter actually looks like. If it gives the tracks for free or other elements. You can start without paying anything and then there is a redemption.”

RACING release date

RENNSPORT is currently planned for the end of 2023.

As for the title’s digital ownership plans for mods and our first driving impressions, we’ll be back later this week with more information, gameplay and opinions.

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