Record warm temperatures Thursday in Ottawa

The spring heat wave in Ottawa continues, with a second day in a row of record temperatures.

The temperature reached 29.7 C at 4 p.m. at the Ottawa airport, making it the warmest on May 12 Ottawa in over 100 years† The previous record for the hottest May 12 in Ottawa was 27.6 C, dating back to 1992.

Environment Canada says the temperature reached 30.5 C between 3 and 5 pm

Environment Canada’s David Phillips says the “absolutely beautiful” weather will continue into the weekend.

“My god, we could have four days in a row with temperatures breaking the record for these particular days,” Phillips told CTV Morning Live.

“It’s very hard to get a temperature of 30 degrees in Ottawa in early to mid-May. Usually winter just left a week or so ago, and it’s so hard to get those scorching temperatures.”

Phillips says a “major high pressure area” dominates the weather over much of eastern North America.

Environment Canada’s weather forecast calls for sunny skies and a maximum temperature of 31°C on Thursday.

Toay is the second day in a row with record-breaking warm temperatures, following the warmest May 11 in Ottawa in more than 100 years. On Wednesday, the temperature reached 28.4 C.

Phillips says that although it will be hot in Ottawa, you won’t feel the humidity.

“These days in the middle of July would be muggy and muggy. We’d say, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s the humidity,'” Phillips said.

“The trees don’t grow that much, plants and crops in such a way that all that kind of local moisture doesn’t get into the air; it’s just in the atmosphere coming in from the south.”

Record temperatures are expected to continue – Friday’s forecast calls for sunshine and a high temperature of 31°C.

Friday evening will remain clear and the temperature will drop to 17 C at night.

On Saturday – lots of sun and a maximum of 31 C.

Phillips says that if you don’t like the humidity, this may be the best part of spring and summer.

“I think these are probably the most comfortable kind of days we’ll probably have all year round. It’s free energy time; you don’t spend money on your air conditioning or your heating.”

Environment Canada’s forecast is for temperatures to drop to 22C on Monday and 19C on Tuesday, which will still be warmer than normal in mid-May.

“When the cooldown comes, we’ll see more Canadian air and American air. It will still be above seasonal values.”

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