Redfern-North Eveleigh concept master plan focuses on 30% diverse housing

The draft masterplan for Redfern-North Eveleigh envisions the creation of a mixed residential, entertainment and technology area on over 10 acres of public land, within walking distance of Sydney’s Redfern Station.

The Government of NSW has prepared a study on a key area of ​​the state and an indicative master plan for the Paint Shop Sub-area. Transport for NSW, the lead agency for the project, is working closely with the Transport Asset Holding Entity, the owner of the site, to realize this transformational renewal.

Named for the 135-year-old Victorian red-brick workshop where trains were overhauled until 1988, the Paint Shop sub-area is the focus of the design master plan. The housing plans include the construction of up to 450 new apartments in buildings ranging in height from three to 28 floors. At least 30 percent of the apartments will be intended for various homes, half of which will be social and affordable housing.

In addition to the adaptive reuse of the 6,000-square-foot Paint Shop building, the concept masterplan includes plans for several common areas, such as a new public plaza on Wilson Street; a new public park near the Chief Mechanical Engineer’s building; and a new public plaza near Carriageworks and the Paint Shop.

The land redevelopment near one of Sydney’s best-connected train stations, right on the doorstep of the Sydney CBD, gives a vision of affordable and diverse housing, a start-up hub and entertainment district, according to Cities Minister Rob Stokes .

“The Redfern-North Eveleigh district is a ten-acre tract of inner-city public land that has been off-limits to the general public for over a century and provides the perfect place for a new borough,” Stokes said.

“We are transforming the old yards by restoring and protecting their heritage value, building new homes and offices while creating more than 14,000 square meters of public space, including a new town square and public park.

“Just as we have seen at Carriageworks, this plan will celebrate Redfern’s deep Indigenous connection and industrial past, while creating a new district for people to live and work in downtown,” he added.

The redevelopment plans are expected to create approximately 8,000 jobs during construction and up to 16,000 jobs once activated.

The proposed master plan for the Paint Shop sub-area is on display until Thursday 25 August. The community is encouraged to provide feedback on the proposal by visiting the Virtual Engagement Room.

Image credits for artist impressions: Transport for NSW

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