Resident Evil 9 rumor leaks first details

a new Resident Evil 9 the rumor is doing the rounds. in 2022, Resident Evil is arguably Capcom’s biggest franchise next to Monster Hunter. Between multimedia adjustments, Resident Evil Villageand the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4, Capcom pumps out a lot of content for fans of the survival horror series. And there is no reason to expect this to change. And because there’s no reason to expect this to change, there’s no reason not to expect it Resident Evil 9. To that end, a new rumor claims to have the first details about this unannounced and currently hypothetical game.

The rumor comes from an anonymous source, which is the first red flag. The second red flag is that this anonymous source comes from 4chan. The third red flag is that it is in an information dump, which has a reputation for being fake. So, why is it doing the rounds? First, fans are desperate to hear about the future of the series, but two, as information about previous games in the series has been leaked on 4chan in the past, so there’s precedent here. That said, it’s still very important to take everything below with a grain of salt.

Rumor has it that the game’s working title is Resident Evil Apocalypse, and it takes place “in a ghost town in the west where a certain investigation will take place.” It is said that this environment consists of a small town and many different outdoor environments such as caves and campsites. These areas inhabit enemies described as “deformed creatures” resembling mythological creatures. Apparently the locals call them ‘Goatman’ and ‘Wendigo’. On top of that, there will be a “huge emphasis on body horror” and monsters can get closer to players who camouflage as “friendly NPCs” if the original NPC’s body died and players didn’t see it happen.

Speaking of the map, the rumor claims that there is a large “disturbing” forest that players can easily get lost in, presumably because it is dense and dark. The following details are also mentioned: an early boss named Barghest who resembles a “giant black dog with a twist,” a female antagonist named “Glaistig” with a “very nice design with green and gold ornaments and a dark green dress,” and another female/”bioweapon” character that acts as a guide for the player. Like Glaistig, the monsters in the game are said to fear/respect this character as they do Glaistig.

It is also rumored that players will be able to open, lock, barricade some doors and use breakable weapons. Finally, it mentions that the plot is about the “9th moon phase”, which is where the name “Apocalpyse” came from.

Is this true? Only time good. In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye out for a Capcom commentary, but it’s unlikely to arrive as it never comments on rumours.

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