Robin Patrols With Nightwing’s Best Girl in Perfectly Adorable Fan Art

Super cute fan art from illustrator Helen. It shows Robin on patrol with one of Nightwing’s best (and hairiest) friends.

Haley, a three-legged gray pit bull recently adopted by Dick Grayson, is Damian Wayne’s companion in the artwork. Haley is strapped to a blue belt and looks perfectly poised to jump the rooftops next to the Boy Wonder. Haley looks like a crime-fighting dog in training. the Bat family.

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Nightwing first met Haley during the first issue of his series from writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo, night wing #78. Dick rescued the puppy from a group of men who were harming for her pleasure and, after she instinctively bit him in response, reflected on the dark nature of the city he had chosen as his home. “Blüdhaven doesn’t have the madness of Gotham… it’s just cruel,” he explains. “And the problem is that cruelty teaches cruelty… This poor girl has been through a lot and doesn’t trust anyone. I remember that well.”

Dick originally planned on handing Haley over to the shelter, but the pup quickly became his closest companion and a fan favorite among the night wing readers. She is far from the first dog to be associated with a member of the Bat family as she is preceded by Ace the Bat-Hound, who first appeared in 1955. Batman #92, and Titus, a Great Dane who debuted in 2011 Batman and Robin #2.

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Damian Wayne, in particular, has shown a great love for animals, often getting along better with them than with people. Grant Morrison’s continues Batman and Robin and Batman Incorporated in the late 2000s and early 2010s, Damian showed that he invited a host of creatures to the Batcave, most notably a cat he named Alfred Pennyworth and a cow he rescued from Professor Pyg and named “Bat-Cow.” In his 2015 solo series Robin: son of BatmanDamian also went on an adventure with a dragon bat — a huge winged beast called Goliath that most recently appeared in Robin #4. With all these animal friends under his belt, it’s only natural that Damian jumps at the chance to babysit Dick’s new puppy.

He is a visual designer and illustrator from New Zealand, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Aside from her Bitewing fan art, she has also illustrated numerous images of Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, and the various Robins of the DC universe.

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