ROPE RESCUE: Ottawa Fire Services team frees person trapped in ‘trench’ near Chateau Laurier

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A person fell into a “trench” outside Chateau Laurier early Tuesday morning and had to be rescued by the Ottawa Fire Department rescue team.

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At about 5:40 a.m., firefighters headed to the Rideau Street and Mackenzie Ave area. in the area.

An image on the fire service’s social media account showed seven officers using pulleys, rope and a stretcher suspended from a ladder truck to lift a man out of the ‘gully’, a small space adjacent to the east side of Chateau Laurel between a decorative stone balustrade and the hotel wall.

In the early morning of August 2, 2022, Ottawa Fire used rope rescue equipment to rescue a person safely from a ‘trench’ at the Chateau Laurier Hotel Photo by handout /@OttFire on Twitter

Ottawa ambulance crews were on the scene providing patient care but did not transport the victim to hospital, a spokesman said.

At 06:23 the victim was safely removed from the trench.

It was the second rescue operation by OFS in less than 24 hours. Early Monday afternoon, the rescue team was deployed to rescue two window cleaners who lost power on their stage swing and were trapped ten stories high on a 14-story high-rise building on Grant Carman Drive between Basil MacDonald Way and Viewmount Drive.

By 2 p.m., the workers had been rescued unharmed, although they had been suspended for more than four hours.

And on Saturday, a team of paramedics and firefighters rescued a person injured after falling from the ramp at Alexandra Bridge. They used a water rescue team to remove him from the site.

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