Rumors that Pixel Buds Pro could take advantage of Android 13’s new audio technology

A good response to the AirPods Pro may come from Google

Apple has a well-deserved reputation as a trendsetter, so it’s no surprise that many earbud manufacturers are introducing their own “Pro” earbuds following Apple’s lead with the AirPods Pro. While earbuds under $100 keep getting better and even offer features like ANC, these premium options can be worth saving up for if you want the best-in-class listening experience. Google hasn’t really dipped its toes into the pro pool yet, and most recently it shifted its focus more towards the budget segment with the Pixel Buds A-Series. That could soon change, if we are to believe the latest rumor.


tipster Jon Prosser talks about the possible launch of the Pixel Buds Pro, which he says could be released in colors such as Real Red, Carbon, Limoncello and Fog. While we haven’t heard any other specific rumors about this hardware, a new product like this would make a lot of sense given Google’s previous acquisition of 3D audio company Dysonics and his work on spatial audio and head tracking on android 13.

That said, Prosser’s tweet offers no details on how “pro” these could be. These spatial things probably feel like, and features like ANC are practically a given, but there’s still a lot we’re in the dark about — even assuming this rumor is true to begin with.

We’re also not getting any details on when we might see these earbuds launch, beyond a general “soon”. Google I/O kicks off next week, and we expect to see some new hardware there, like perhaps the Pixel Watch that Prosser itself leaked eons ago. There’s still a chance we’ll get some news about this Buds Pro then, but that would mean Google has really done its job of minimizing leaks. Looking further afield, something related to the Pixel 7 launch later in the year may be a possibility.


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