Satirical VR Shooter, The American Dream, Coming Next Week on Quest

Satirical VR shooter, The American Dream, arrives on Quest next week.

Developer Samurai Punk will be bringing the game – which first launched in 2018 on PC VR and PSVR – to the standalone headset on June 30. It costs $14.99. Watch a trailer for the Quest version below.

The American Dream Quest Version Revealed

The American Dream depicts a reality in which America uses weapons as tools for everyday tasks. You will go through different scenarios such as opening beer cans, playing catch and flipping burgers using firearms. The game is intended to be a satirical take on American gun culture.

We first reviewed the game in 2018, praising its unique premise, although adding that it had some issues with tempo.

“Using VR’s unique potential to tell powerful and insightful stories with sharp, reflective critique is being showcased in ways we’ve never seen before,” we said. “The humor won’t be for everyone and the message will likely be misinterpreted or lost by some, but The American Dream raises questions that are definitely worth discussing, regardless of your stance on gun laws. This VR experience, despite its quirky visual style, is not for the faint of heart.”

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