Say hello to Big Swoop, Canberra’s giant magpie statue

Canberra has a great, big, gory new magpie image in case you’ve finally recovered emotionally from an attack on your way to school. Good times, good times.

He has been formally nicknamed ‘Big Swoop’. An excellent name for a magpie if there ever was one.

According to The Canberra Times, Big Swoop weighs half a ton (terrifying) and is 3.5 meters long (hopefully he never comes to life). He also has his own giant chip that will hopefully satisfy his insatiable hunger and vengeance.

Big Swoop was created by a local artist from Canberra Yanni Pounartzisa certified king.

“I’m actually very relieved because there were a lot of things that had to come together,” he told the… Canberra Times when Big Swoop was revealed.

Like any good giant bird sculpture, Big Swoop has a powerful backstory.

He grew up eating Chicken Gourmet chips in Canberra. He then flew the nest to the great Sydney city lights before finally returning to Canberra. Fair enough, Sydney’s nightlife sucks so much that even the magpies are leaving.

pounartzis collaborated with fellow artists Gustavo Balboa and Ari Maack to bring Big Swoop to life. Hopefully not literally.

Everyone who attended the Big Swoop welcome event (his birthday party, let’s face it) also got free chips. A damn fantastic day out if you ask me. Big bird? To check. Warm fries? Double check.

Now let’s introduce a giant bird statue and free chips in every city.

It’s about time, I think.

And I’m absolutely thrilled for all the 7th year students to be able to add Big Swoop to their lists of sightseeing tours in Canberra. It may be the only thing that can fix a comedown after Questacon.

Long live Big Swoop, may he reign in peace, prosperity and baked potatoes.

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Image: Instagram / @cityrenewalcbr / @yanni_pounartzis

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