SCAD’s Sand Arts Festival on Tybee Island

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – More than 500 students from the Savannah College of Art and Design spent the day at Tybee creating beautiful sand sculptures for the 2022 Sand Arts Festival.

Strategy was the name of the game here. The students said they had spent the past few weeks coming up with a plan and learning different techniques to take first place in their category.

More than 100 teams made up of SCAD students and alumni got to show their artistic talents through sand! The teams competed in a variety of categories, including sand relief, the designs built low to the ground.

Then there was a sand castle, sand sculpture and a wind category where students could design and build kites. SCAD handed out over $20,000 in prizes, so the winning teams left with some cash in their hands.

The teams consisted of students with all kinds of specializations. Asia Jones says everyone on her team is performing arts, who don’t often work with their hands, but they wanted to give their best and have fun!

“We chose the sand sculpture because we thought it would be one of the most difficult sculptures to build. We wanted to showcase our skills as, you know, students who don’t normally work with our hands. Most of us are performing arts in my group. I’m so excited to see everyone working together. I mean, wasn’t that for SCAD?’

Now that the festival is all over, the masterpieces have been taken down and the sand has been smoothed out again for the sea turtles. If you haven’t had the opportunity to come and see the amazing work, you can find photos of the designs on SCAD’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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