Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanian Campaigns Continue; Super Home Buyer Scheme flogged by Labor; PM proven on AUKUS misrepresentation; Advance Australia launches AEC legal action; Zali Steggall attacks Scott Morrison

Sticking with the treasurer’s morning media blitz, Josh Frydenberg has called the Labor party “fundamentally dishonest” for its approach to costs and a post-election budget.

Speaking on the ABCs RN BreakfastFrydenberg said the coalition had released its charges at every step during the six-week election campaign. Twenty-seven of the cost calculations have already been published.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.Credit:Wayne Taylor

“The Labor Party has submitted one policy, not one independent cost estimate, so I don’t think you can characterize us as having a similar approach,” the treasurer said.

“For those $2.3 billion in new pledges, we’re supporting people with diabetes, getting more people the concession card, lowering PBS drug co-payments, and enabling first-time homebuyers to enter the market.

“What we’re doing is offsetting net spending, increasing the efficiency dividend by half a percent, which will bring in more than $2.3 billion and help us deliver on those commitments and improve budget outcomes.”


Frydenberg said Labor would fund their “significant spending policies” only through higher taxes. Labor has said it will release its full charges later this week.

“They don’t reveal to the Australian people what they are going to do before the election because they promise a budget afterwards,” Frydenberg said.

“I think that’s fundamentally unfair because they don’t tell the public what’s in the budget before the election.”

The coalition has submitted 35 policies to the treasury and finance departments for independent cost accounting. It expects a modest $1 billion improvement in budget results over the next four years since the March budget. A full announcement of the charges will be made later this morning.

Labor says it will release individual costs as the policy is announced.

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