Scott Morrison leaves Kirribilli House after Labor’s Anthony Albanian election defeat

Scott Morrison has been photographed leaving his official Sydney residence following his historic defeat to Labour’s Anthony Albanese.

Scott Morrison has been seen leaving Kirribilli House for the first time since his defeat in the federal election.

Morrison was photographed shortly before 9am on Sunday as he left the Prime Minister’s official residence in Sydney.

Mr Morrison left the property with his wife Jenny, his mother and his mother-in-law.

The Morrisons departed in a three-car convoy that passed the journalists, photographers and cameramen stationed outside the gates of the property.

Morrison didn’t stop to speak to the media as reporters speculated whether he was headed to church or back to his local electorate Cook, which he was holding amid the Liberals’ historic loss.

Morrison announced last night that he would step down as Liberal leader after leading the coalition to electoral defeat after serving nearly a decade in government.

The coalition has likely lost five seats in the Liberal heartland to “blue-green” independents, as well as some other losses to Labour.

The results mean Morrison will have to hand over the keys to Kirribilli House and the Lodge in Canberra to Anthony Albanese, Australia’s 31st elected Prime Minister.

But the Labor leader will have to wait for the final results to add up to find out whether he can form a majority government or whether he needs the support of independents and small parties.

A number of seats were still in doubt on Sunday morning.

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