Seth Meyers is tired of Republicans playing the victim

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Right-wing politicians and television networks reacted this week to news of the leak of a draft Supreme Court ruling quashing Roe v. Wade by focusing not on the content of the leak, but on revealing the identity of the leak. .

“How will they ever recover from this invasion of their personal privacy?” asked Seth Meyers. “Maybe Samuel Alito can wear a shirt that says, ‘My court, my choice.'”

“Guys, today is May 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day – as in ‘May the Fourth Be With You.’ That’s right, Star Wars’ Day, or for guys in their thirties celebrating it, Solo the mayo.’ † Jimmy Fallon

“Ah, but Star Wars Day is interesting because it’s the only time of year that Tinder tries to match you with your sister, you know what I mean? Have you not seen the movie? Excuse me; blame George Lucas. I didn’t write it.” —JIMMY FALLON

“’Star Wars’ is one of the few movie franchises that has its own holiday. You don’t see anyone dressing up as Vin Diesel and wishing you a happy Fast 5th.’” — MIKE BIRBIGLIA, guest hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Norah Jones performed her hit “Don’t Know Why” on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show” in celebration of her 20th anniversary super-deluxe edition of her Grammy-winning album “Come Away With Me”.

‘Hacks’ star Hannah Einbinder will be featured in Thursday’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.

Thousands of “Golden Girls” fans gathered in Chicago for Golden-Con, a celebration of their favorite TV show.

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