SFPD Announces Arrests of 18-Year-Old, Minors in Brutal Beating of 70-Year-Old Woman in San Francisco Residential Complex

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — San Francisco Police Department announced Monday the arrest of suspects wanted in connection with the July 31 assault and robbery of an elderly Asian woman on Francisco Street.

The 70-year-old woman was brutally beaten, kicked in the head by several assailants and robbed in broad daylight in her apartment complex.

EXCLUSIVE: 70-year-old woman brutally beaten, kicked in the head by 4 attackers in SF residential complex

She says she was standing in front of a building when she was approached by four youths. They asked her a question, which she did not understand due to a language barrier, and were then allowed access to her building where they beat her and robbed her of her property, police said.

At a news conference Monday, SFPD investigators identified the suspects as 18-year-old Oakland resident Darryl Moore and three youths, ages 11, 13 and 14.

The names of the minor suspects have not been released.

Arrest warrants were issued against Moore, the 13-year-old suspect and the 14-year-old suspect on charges of theft, elder abuse, burglary, false imprisonment and conspiracy.

Because of their age, the 11-year-old suspect in this case could not be prosecuted, SFPD says.

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Community leaders urged other victims of attacks to speak out, pointing to these arrests as a sign of justice.

“We have seen a continuous wave of these terrible and despicable attacks. We know they are not isolated incidents and we cannot treat them as isolated incidents. They are systemic widespread problems that need systematic widespread solutions,” said Police Commissioner Kevin Benedicto. .

ABC7 News spoke with SFPD Lieutenant Kevin Healy, who said video of the attack was key to identifying the suspects and confirmed that the 18-year-old is known to many law enforcement officers.

“I can’t tell you that not only the identification, but the investigation; BART Assisted PD, OPD, Alameda County Juvenile Probation, Milpitas Police Department and certainly SFPD officers are the ones who are working hard there, they are the ones who are identifying the suspects. He was known to multiple police departments in the Bay Area? I’d say yes,” said Lieutenant Kevin Healy of the SFPD Robbery Unit.

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San Francisco’s new district attorney had a strong message about the prosecution of these suspects.

“I commend the SFPD for solving this problem so quickly and we will send the message we need from here,” said District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.

Feather light: “What does that actually look like if you’re dealing with minors in this case?”

D.A. Jenkins: “Yes, so the 18-year-old will file his charges in the adult court. The youth will go through the youth system. With the 11-year-old, that becomes a community issue because he’s too young to be charged with a crime.”

Moore was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on August 10. The 13-year-old suspect was arrested on unrelated charges at the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall and is being transferred to Alameda County, where they will be booked on charges in this case.

The 11-year-old was taken to the Alameda County Assessment Center. The 14-year-old has not yet been arrested.

The San Francisco police chief said the young age of three of the four suspects was “shocking.”

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