Shane Delia’s Maha Offers A Hummus Share Platter Box On Providoor For World Hummus Day

Hummus—the simple combination of tahini, chickpeas, lemon juice, and garlic—has been a welcome addition to meals around the world for centuries. Whether it’s a snack with crackers in front of the TV or a prominent place on the menus of fine restaurants around the world, the humble Middle Eastern dip can be tweaked and modified seemingly endlessly.

This Friday May 13 is World Hummus Day. To celebrate, Shane Delia’s Middle Eastern-inspired Maha in Melbourne’s CBD offers a range of variations on the classic dip, with its Hummus Share Platter Box for four, available through Providoor. Inspired by the idea that hummus is not just a seasoning, but a conversation starter, Maha has come up with four iterations of the dish — three meat-based and one vegetarian.

The three meat dishes in the box are smoked hummus with spiced chicken and Turkish-spiced burnt butter, a roasted lamb-fat hummus with Baharat-spiced lamb and pine nuts, and a whipped almond hummus with pickled arrack cucumber, hot smoked salmon, and kombu dressing. Vegetarians can also find a boxed pumpkin cinnamon hummus with toasted macadamia nut, sage, and honey.

Included with the box are all the accessories you need to dive right in. They include Iraqi flat bread with toum and zaatar; Lavosh crackers; Maha flatbread to finish at home with bread mix (instructions on the package); Maha’s Whipped Garlic Paste; and a Maha spice mix.

All you have to do is order the dishes prepared by the chef via Providoor, finish them at home and serve them.

Learn more and order your Hummus Share Platter Box today.

This article was produced by Broadsheet in association with Providoor.

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