Shark attacks swimmer off UK coast for first time in 175 years

A snorkeler is said to have been bitten by a shark in Cornwall and had to be rescued by coast guards after the worst attack of its kind in British waters since 1847.

The woman was helped by coast guards after her leg was bitten by the shark during a snorkeling trip from a local travel agency.

The trip was organized to give people an up-close look at blue sharks, one of several shark species known to migrate from the Atlantic to the west coast of Cornwall during the summer months.

But at some point during the dive, one of the predators – presumably a blue one – would have turned and bit the woman.

A spokesman for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: “HM Coastguard sent Penzance Coastguard Rescue Team to meet a snorkeler believed to have suffered a shark bite.

“The Coast Guard was notified just before 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 28. The swimmer is believed to have suffered a leg injury.

“The Coast Guard team met the victim in Penzance harbor to assist with the transfer to the ambulance service.”

‘Blue shark attacks extremely rare’

Details of the incident have only just come out and the woman has not yet been named, no details have been given about where she had traveled from or whether the shark came into contact with other divers in the company.

Shark attacks are extremely rare in the UK and in recent decades environmentalists have made efforts to change the public perception that sharks pose a threat to humans.

It is thought that out of approximately 475 species of sharks, only 12 actually pose a threat to humans.

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