Simon Case Admits Discussing Carrie Johnson’s Job With Prince William’s Charity

His letter came in response to another letter from Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the Labor Party.

Ms Rayner asked Mr Case a series of questions about his involvement in the alleged job hunt, including whether he had spoken to the Foundation about the role.

She also asked if Mr Johnson had discussed the matter with the Queen or any other member of the Royal Family.

Ms. Johnson eventually took a job as communications director at the Aspinall Foundation, an environmental charity.

In her letter to the Cabinet Secretary on Thursday evening, Ms Rayner said: “There are now serious questions for the Prime Minister to answer about potential impropriety and conflicts of interest in his lobbying for a high-paying, tax-funded job for his 2018 partner, Carrie Johnson.

“Reports suggest that Mr Johnson, while Secretary of State, attempted to hire Ms Johnson in 2018 for a position at the State Department, as well as other positions, including one with a royal charity.”

Response from Simon Case

Mr Case said: “I was told there was one publicly advertised position and potential volunteer opportunities.

“Consistent with the charitable status of the Earthshot Prize, the publicly advertised role was not government funded and every applicant should go through a full and open application process.

“I don’t know how this information was used, but as far as I understand it, Ms. Johnson didn’t take advantage of any of these opportunities.”

Angela Rayner Calls for New Ethics Adviser

In a separate letter to Lord Evans, the chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Ms Rayner called on officials allegedly involved in the attempt to get Ms Johnson a job to testify publicly.

She said Ben Gascoigne, one of Johnson’s closest associates, and Dominic Cummings, his former chief adviser, should be dragged in front of the detectives.

She also called for a new ministerial ethics adviser to be appointed soon to prevent Johnson from being “judge and jury in his own case”.

Downing Street has denied that Johnson recommended his then-fiancée.

Her spokesperson has denied that she was driven for the job at the Foundation.

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