Since July 2, three cyclists have died in DC

Three bicyclists have been killed by drivers in DC in as many weeks.

WASHINGTON DC, DC – At the corner of 21st and I Streets NW, there is a new fixture that will be a permanent reminder of the tragedy that unfolded days before, a bicycle painted white.

The ghost bike was planted on the corner of a sidewalk Monday during a vigil for 40-year-old Shawn O’Donnell who was killed on Wednesday, July 20 after being run over by a heavy truck while cycling to work.

The ghost bike is the third to be placed on a DC street in a week after three cyclists were killed by drivers in DC in July.

“It’s terrible to do one. It’s terrible to do two. It’s heartbreaking to do three. And there’s more to come. More people will die because of the way our roads are designed,” said Monica Morin, who painted the three bicycles.

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Five days before O’Donnell was killed, 65-year-old Michael Gordon died after being hit by a dump truck near 5th Street and Rhode Island Avenue NW in the early morning hours of Friday, July 15, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

A memorial bicycle installation was held for him on Friday by security lawyers and family members.

“I just love him dearly. He will be truly missed. I just feel like something is missing. And that’s him here,” said Ebony Gordon, Michael Gordon’s daughter.

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A day after Gordon’s memorial service there, a ghost bike was placed at the intersection of Minnesota Avenue and Nannie Hellen Burroughs Avenue NE for 70-year-old Michael Hawkins Randall, who died on Saturday, July 2 after a driver had a medical emergency and crashed into Randall before driving into a fireworks stand.

“It’s what I wish had been done for me if I was hit and killed,” said Morin, who painted the three ghost engines. “And it reminds everyone that we all deserve to get home safely at night. It reminds us that everyone should be able to travel without fear of serious injury or death.”

Morin said more needs to be done by the city and the DC Council. The Washington Area Bicyclist Associations are organizing a protest at the Wilson Building, demanding that the city pass new laws, such as a right-turning red light ban, scheduled for a full city council vote in the fall. Organizers are also urging police to enforce laws already on the books.

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