slide into the posters of Robuche

Javier’s solo practice often feels equally organic, but in a very different way. On a recent album cover for indie band Ciel, Javier—a typography-driven designer—first drew fonts by hand, nailing down a more organic shape, like the ones found in Lou’s work, before modifying them with software, “adding three-dimensional effects.” , says Javier. This pushing and pulling of fluidity and hard-lined technology is all over Javier’s work. Fun, floating, loose artwork often sits alongside textured grids, pixelation, and static. The result is a feast for the eyes and is firmly rooted in Javier’s approach to “reconfigure, divide and collage” references of sci-fi, punk, non-design, graffiti and outsider art – “alienated contexts where design emerges from necessity.” instead of professionalism,” he tells us.

How this all works together, one need only look at Constant 101 Foundation, a recent poster by Robuche for the 101st anniversary of the birth of Dutch artist Constant Nieuwenhuys, to see his multidisciplinary approach in action. By drawing ideas from Nieuwenhuys’s lectures and work, Robuche did what they do best: remixes. The final poster features symbols that “subtly refer” to Nieuwenhuys’ universe mixed with “our own imagery”. Immersive, textured and unexpected, it’s a great example of the stuff we’ve come to expect from Robuche – and we’ve yet to be disappointed.

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