Someone in Toronto is trying to rent out a mattress in the middle of their living room

Everything seems to be going well in Toronto’s now frenzied rental market, where demand is high, prices continue to rise and shockingly grim-looking units continue to hit the market.

With an average rent in the city now over $2,600 a month, those on a budget could be left behind, especially now that we’re going back to school.

A new, especially sad list shows a new, rampant trend that seems to be mostly aimed at lone students looking for a small amount of space for little money: communal living space, or part of it, renting out as a supposedly private room.

“Spacious room for rent” reads a recent ad from Kijiji in East York for just $800 a month — a bargain in Toronto, even for a small single room.

The listing is literally for a mattress in the middle of a shared living room. Photo of Kijiji.

But that’s where the attraction ends when the photos make it clear what the living situation is.

Photos show a simple mattress on the floor in the middle of a room — no bed frames here — with a fan and a pair of IKEA nightstands haphazardly in the corner.

toronto rent

The setup is depressing to say the least. Photo of Kijiji.

And in the foreground a beige piece of furniture that you quickly notice that it is one of the two living room sofas.

Yes, the “room” advertised is the study, as in the living room, of the one bedroom apartment, in the middle of which you would sleep if you applied for this rental.

toronto rent

Even the rest of the decor leaves a lot to be desired. Photo of Kijiji.

The kicker is that the poster is apparently looking for “someone who wants to occupy this den for an extended period of time”, as if this weren’t a temporary last resort on the way to a real apartment. Of course also someone “who is quiet, clean and respects others who live in the apartment” as you will be sharing some very close living spaces.

The room is, yes, spacious as advertised, but unfortunately that space wouldn’t be yours at all.

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