Special weather statement for heat extends over most of BC

Environment Canada has issued a warning for the first real hot stretch of summer for much of the province of British Columbia.

It says temperatures could soar as low as -30°C in some regions from now through Monday.

The special weather report on heat has been released for most of the province.

It says that while daytime peaks may well exceed seasonal averages, nighttime temperatures in most regions are expected to drop into the teens.

Environment Canada asks people to watch out for heat-related illnesses.

With temperatures approaching low to mid-30°C, the River Forecast Center says it’s uncertain how conditions could affect snow melt and raise river levels, but warns of unsettled weather and thunderstorms forecast next week, adding extra entails flood risks.

Environment Canada says increased power flows due to runoff are “probable”.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

A severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for Fort Nelson, while other parts of the county’s northeast corner are under severe thunderstorms.

Environment Canada says meteorologists are tracking a cluster of severe thunderstorms that can cause very strong wind gusts, up to nickel-sized hail and heavy rain.

Environment Canada says temperatures are expected to return to near-normal levels by mid-next week as a cooler, restless air mass makes landfall.

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