Spider-Man has a new job

Peter Parker agrees to take a job for one of his biggest villains in The Amazing Spider-Man #2 by writer Zeb Wells and artist John Romita Jr.

Peter Parker works for one of his greatest villains in The Amazing Spider-Man

The title was relaunched for its 60th birthday in April 2022 with writer Zeb Wells and recurring artist John Romita Jr., and the first issue revealed that Peter has very few friends and family at the moment, with Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson, the Fantastic Four and more have a grip on the web sling. A taste for The Amazing Spider-Man #2 reveals that at least one person will help Peter: Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin. Peter needs a job and Norman cashs in a favor while giving him some babysitter work.

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After their opening conversation, Peter later meets Norman, who informs the hero that he will take care of his grandsons, Normie and Stanley Osborn. Although Norman behaves kindly towards Peter, it’s unclear what he helped Peter with, which probably turned everyone else against him. The Amazing Spider-Man relaunch was initially teased with a promo asking, “WHAT DID PETER DO?” with works of art that plagued a huge tragedy. However, the question has not been answered at the time of writing, though the title’s debut prompted readers to ask one more, specifically how did Mary Jane break up with Peter and now have children without him?

As for Peter’s babysitting, he probably wasn’t on the clock during the events of writers Ram V. and Al Ewing’s current venom walk. The “Seven Seals” story in Free Comics Day 2022: Spider-Man/Venom #1 reconnected Dylan Brock with Normie and set the two on a dangerous path. Dylan is Earth’s deadly protector, Venom, while his father – Eddie Brock, the King in Black – is missing. In the Free Comic Book Day issue, Dylan gives Normie a symbiote to become a new version of the Red Goblin and help find Eddie (obviously while Peter wasn’t watching him).

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It seems that Peter’s politeness with Norman will continue in The Amazing Spider-Man though, in the eighth issue of the series, Peter will use a glider and technology similar to the Green Goblin. This appearance will be part of a new suit for the wall crawler called the ‘Oscorp suit’. The preview for The Amazing Spider-Man #2 can be found below.


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The Amazing Spider-Man #2 is written by Wells with pencils by Romita Jr., inks by Scott Hanna, colors by Marcio Menyz and letters by Joe Caramagna of VC. The main cover art is by Romita Jr., Hanna and Menyz, with cover variations contributed by Nicoletta Baldari, Derrick Chew and In-Hyuk Lee. The issue will be available for purchase from May 25 through Marvel Comics.

Source: Marvel

Marvel must let Peter Parker grow up

Marvel must let Peter Parker grow up

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