Stop pretending that Manchester City and Liverpool are ‘inseparable’ since Guardiola

It’s really important to be thankful for Liverpool, without whom Manchester City would have dominated the Premier League under Pep Guardiola.

There can be miracles when you believe
Enroll Neil Custis The sun:

“It’s unbelievable to think that United entered the new season a year ago this time after finishing second in the previous season.

They had finally landed Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane was on their way and no one knew of the excitement that would greet Ronaldo’s return.

“Their league season started with four wins and a draw and the belief grew that they could fight for the title again for the first time since 2013.”

‘A belief’? you said Ronaldo was ‘the last piece in the puzzle’. you wrote of his addition, meaning it was “probably the best Manchester United team in over a decade”. you stated that their company has “proven that they are back, big time.” you suggested he might write “the most amazing chapter in his incredible football story” leading them to the title.

own it man

The only acceptance
The worm has really turned regarding Ronaldo, to whom about three or four different tabloid journalists dedicate their Friday columns. Among them is Andy Dunn from the Daily mirrorwho saw Erik ten Hag describes the Portuguese’s early departure from a pre-season exhibition game as “unacceptable” and decided to take it quite literally:

“Well, don’t accept it then, don’t let him come near. Unfortunately it has come to this.’

That is really easier said than done. Especially when the involved player has a wage of around £500,000 a week.

‘If this is seen as the start of a ‘project’ by Ten Hag, that project simply cannot be done on a 37-year-old who wants to get out.

‘And let alone financial, contractual or commercial considerations, that instruction must come from Ten Hag himself.’

Oh okay. ‘Never mind’ the implications of throwing half a million pounds down the drain for an entire season. Write it off, Eric.

“Tell United CEO Richard Arnold that Ronaldo will not be involved in the first team under any circumstances and then leave it to the judges and Jorge Mendes to sort out the rest.”

Perfect. Significantly weakening an already quite shaky negotiating position. That will endear Ten Hag to his new employers and not cause any lasting problems.

Brazil nut
Perhaps all is not lost, however. The Daily Mirror website see a surprise solution:

Cristiano Ronaldo finally gives Man Utd exit route: ‘It’s true I want to sign him’

Well, this is interesting. There are quotes and everything. And they come from Corinthian President Duilio Monteiro Alves. Clear.

This is what the benevolent lord said:

“It’s true, I dream big. This is Corinthians! Aren’t Willian and Renato Augusto here? In football anything is possible and I have a duty to do my best for Corinthians.

“Is this possible? I don’t know. We haven’t tried it, we haven’t explored it, there wasn’t that possibility, but we’re keeping an eye on him. Imagine if he suddenly wants to play in Brazil…”

It’s almost done. Only at the best ‘exit routes’ will someone say, ‘Is it possible? I don’t know’ and ‘Imagine that he suddenly wants to play in Brazil’.

As the story adds, “It remains to be seen whether Ronaldo would seriously consider joining the Brazilian outfit.”

Yes. It is truly a mystery whether Cristiano Ronaldo, who wants to leave Manchester United because they failed to qualify for the Champions League, will join a club that literally cannot qualify for the Champions League.

give thanks
Ian Ladyman has a message for those who have taken on against Liverpool: ‘we should be thankful for them’.

It is not certain whether everyone agrees, or whether his argument that the Premier League would be completely dominated by Manchester City without them is correct. But keep going.

He says Manchester City and Liverpool squads ‘may look marginally different, but both’ [are] essentially the same’. Ladyman went on to write that “City’s squad has improved with the acquisition of Erling Haaland and Kalvin Phillips” but that Liverpool “lost a key player in Sadio Mane”.

It sounds like they don’t look ‘slightly different’, nor are they ‘basically the same’.

“The Senegalese forward has been as influential as Mo Salah in recent seasons and however effective the new central forward Darwin Nunez proves to be, Mane could prove to be one of those players whose absence is felt just a little more acutely than anyone else. . really want to.’

That’s all well and good, but is there any reason why the Manchester City exits of Raheem Sterling, Gabriel Jesus, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Fernandinho are being ignored? Liverpool have essentially traded Mane for Nunez, but Manchester City have added three first teamers – with Julian Alvarez – while losing four.

Thanks anyway for Liverpool. Without them, Manchester City would have won five consecutive Premier League titles, rather than just four in five years.

nothing between them
that article accompanied by an image: ‘INSEPARABALE SINCE PEP ARRIVED’

The definition of ‘inseparable’ is ‘incapable of being separated, separated or incoherent’. It’s important to keep that in mind when looking at an image that tells us that Manchester City have racked up 458 points for Liverpool’s 432, won four encounters with Liverpool’s three, claimed four league titles before Liverpool’s and has won five other trophies to Liverpool’s three since Guardiola’s appointment as manager.

They even include ‘Premier League runners-up’ and ‘Champions League runners-up’ in the Guardiola v Jurgen Klopp ‘trophy breakdown’, despite these being specifically and literally not trophies, to draw the rivalry closer.

Inseparable. Absolutely nothing between them.

Boehl’d about
In one of the genre’s weirder examples…

Todd Boehly breaks silence as Chelsea sign ‘one of Europe’s most exciting young players’

The Daily Mirror website must know something that Mediawatch doesn’t. Did Todd Boehly specifically advise on Carney Chukwuemeka?

Fofana split
‘Leicester reject Chelsea’s opening offer of £60million for central defender Wesley Fofana…but Foxes fear Blues are willing to break the world record £80million Man United paid them for Harry Maguire to sign the Frenchman’ – MailOnline.

Why are Leicester afraid that someone can match their appreciation for a player? Are they aware that they control that price and can even refuse it?

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