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Chethan Ram (right) is all smiles with Sandhya and her father Kumaravel at their house

BENGALURU: When? Chethan Ram, who runs a bicycle showroom in south Bengaluru, asked his colleague on Tuesday morning for an activity-tracking device for him, the latter saying he was busy. But since he was in a hurry to Chethan, the colleague decided to send it through a delivery person.
Chethan waited, but there was no sign that the device cost Rs 60,000. After exchanging several phone calls, the duo realized the warden had lost it somewhere along the way — it had slipped out of his shirt pocket while driving.
Chethan asked the colleague not to worry and reached the part where the director was commuting. Seeing the owner of the device right in front of him, the director became nervous and collapsed. Chethan calmed him, fetched him breakfast from a nearby eatery, and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just a device—not a life—that’s been lost. Let’s search together.”
When the search was unsuccessful, the director thanked Chethan for his gesture as it was his first day at work. Convinced he’d get the device — his six-year cycling activity tracker — back if it came into the hands of an athlete, Chethan put out a call on social media (which linked cyclists) around 11 a.m.
Around 8pm, Chethan received a call from an unknown number asking if he had lost a device. When Chethan said yes, the caller identified himself as Kumaravel and said the device is with him and he can record it at any time.
Without wasting time, Chethan reached the home of Kumaravel, a construction site worker in southern Bengaluru. When asked where he got the tracker, Kumaravel said he found it on his way to work in the morning. “I kept it to myself because I thought it was a cell phone and I would get a call from the owner,” he said, adding: “When I got home in the evening, I showed it to my daughter Sandhya. ”
The II PU student was smart enough to realize it wasn’t a phone. She tried to turn it on, but in vain – the battery was dead. After charging it, the father-daughter duo saw Chethan’s name and number pop up and immediately called him.
Chethan handed a fruit basket to Kumaravel’s family and some money to Sandhya, insisting that she use it to cover her college costs.
He then got into his car, called the delivery person and brought the news: “I have my device back. I know what you have been through because of your guilt. This call is to wish you a good night’s sleep.”
A 9:35 p.m. social media post about the lost and found saga, complete with a photo of the father-daughter duo, touched the hearts of many.


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