Sunshine and showers for NYC weekend

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Mike Rizzo says it will be cloudy on Friday. The News 12 Storm Watch Team is monitoring the showers on Saturday and Sunday.

TODAY: Mostly cloudy, some sun. Highs near 70. Lows near 60. Foggy moments. mosquitoes.

TOMORROW: Damp, morning sprinkles. Sun breaks for late morning, early afternoon. Puffy afternoon clouds can produce a shower or two. These will likely be a problem west of New York City, but a mixed shower is possible in New York City. Highs near 75. Lows near 62.

SUNDAY: Mostly sunny to start. mosquitoes. Highs near 77. Puffy afternoon clouds could trigger a thunderstorm. The threat is generally west of New York City, but lower than Saturday’s risk. Low near 64.

MONDAY: Mostly cloudy. Mosquitoes with maxima around 78. A line of thunderstorms approaching for the late afternoon or evening. This is part of a weather front, it will be seen towards the area. The degree of severity is not yet well defined. Lowest point almost 60.

TUESDAY: Sunny with lower humidity. Highs near 74. Warm. Low near 55.

WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny with thin clouds. Highs near 71. Lows near 56.

THURSDAY: Morning showers, then sunny. Highs near 72. Sensible humidity. Lowest point almost 60.

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