Surface Duo with Windows 11 seems like a dream device for Windows Central readers

Last week, independent developer Gustave Monce shared images of Windows 11 on a Surface Duo. The photos brought back memories of Windows Phone for many of our readers. While the concept of running Windows 11 on a foldable mobile device was intriguing, we wanted to know if our readers would actually use such a device.

In our recent poll, over 82% of voters said they’d like a Surface Duo with Windows 11, while just under 18% said they wouldn’t want such a device.

“Hell Yes! I want a duo with W11 or 10X or whatever because it runs Windows, that would be a good start because then at least there is ARM64EC and I would finally be a lot more productive on my phone,” said TechFreak1.

“Vote yes. If I could have a single telephony device that can run Android apps (via Windows 11) on the go, but productive Windows applications while paired with mouse/keyboard/monitor, that would be my dream device,” he added. CSJr1 to it. †

While the vast majority of voters expressed an interest in Windows 11 on the Surface Duo, many of the commenters disagreed.

“It’s a nice project, but Windows 11 as it is? Well no. The point is that Windows 11 Shell isn’t really optimized for such a small screen, not even intended for dual-screen devices,” says aXross. “Each screen is basically treated like two monitors on a regular PC, not the way it behaved on Surface Duo or Neo.”

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