Suspicious drunk driver hits Porsche into taxi during police chase – then runs off

A suspected drunk driver has been arrested after crashing into a Porsche while on the run from police, police said. The drama happened Saturday night in Heaton Mersey, Stockport.

Police posted photos showing the red sports car in traffic on Didsbury Road and moments later with extensive damage to the front after a collision with a taxi. The driver allegedly fled, but was arrested after a short chase. Tonight, he remained in police custody and was questioned on suspicion of a range of traffic offences, including drink-driving.

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Police said no one was seriously injured in the incident and the investigation into the incident continues. Shortly after being appointed as the new chief constable of Greater Manchester Police last year, Stephen Watson pledged to increase the number of traffic cops on the roads.

After the crash in Heaton Mersey earlier today, GMP Traffic posted photos of the car and tweeted: “The driver of this Porsche collided with a taxi on Didsbury Road while trying to escape. #XT74

“The driver ran away, but didn’t get very far. He has failed a breath test and is on his way to jail for dangerous driving/no stopping and drink driving. No serious injuries. #fatal4

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