Sydney City Council plan to reduce all roads to 40 km/h

A plan to put the speed limit on tens Sydney roads met resistance from residents.

In the name of pedestrian safety, the Inner West Council wants to reduce the speed to 40 km/h on all roads, from main roads to quiet streets.

“If you lower the speed limit by 10 km… you halve the risk of death,” said Inner West councilor Tim Stevens.

Sydney’s Inner West Council wants to lower the speed limit on all roads to 40 km/h. (The age)

“Realistically we live in the busy backcountry and it’s hard to get past 30 or 40 anyway… let’s make sure the speed limit reflects our roads and make them safer.”

The 40 limit is currently being rolled out in parts of Double Bay and Edgecliff, and is already in effect in North Sydney, Chatswood, Parramatta and the CBD.

However, this is the first time a general speed reduction will affect an entire local government area.

State-run arterial roads such as Marrickville Road will not be affected, but all minor streets are covered by the plans.

Australia’s Pedestrian Council said people will adapt quickly, but Katrina Usman of the NRMA said there is a different approach.

“When it comes to setting speed limits, one size doesn’t fit all…all streets are a bit extreme…maybe just those closer to popular areas,” Usman said.

Transport for NSW will make the final call and said it supports the plan in principle but will work with the council on a roadmap.

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