T-Mobile Introduces Free 5G Home Internet Trials, $50 Price Lock

It’s been a little over a year since T-Mobile launched its 5G Home Internet and today the Uncarrier announced a slew of updates to make the service more compelling than ever. T-Mobile aims to give customers the “freedom to switch” from their existing broadband provider, from a free trial of up to $500 early termination coverage, a $50 per month lifetime price lock, and even $50 off an Apple TV. .

At the end of April, T-Mobile expanded the coverage of its 5G Home Internet from 30 to 40 million households. And today, at the Internet Freedom Uncarrier event, T-Mobile announced a major initiative to let new customers try out the service, including:

  • Free 15-day trial for 5G Home Internet
  • No cost to cancel your broadband (up to $500)
  • $50/month price lock for life (for both home and business plans)
  • $30/month for existing customers with Magenta Max subscription

Additional promotions include:

  • $50 off any streaming device, including Apple TV
  • 50% off YouTube TV for a year
  • Access T-Mobile Tuesday deals

T-Mobile has also announced that its 5G Business Internet is now available everywhere in the US where its wireless service reaches.

As a refresher, T-Mobile touts its 5G Home Internet features:

  • $50/month with AutoPay, period. No added taxes or fees. No material costs. No contracts. No surprises or exploding bills.
  • Fast and unlimited. With expected average speeds of 100 Mbps for most new customers, it will meet all your home needs, with unlimited data and no limits.
  • 5G powered. T-Mobile delivers a 4G/5G gateway to your home.
  • Easy to set up. Plug it in, download the app and follow a few simple instructions. You are online in minutes.

You can check if the service is available in your area and learn more in the event video below:

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