Dragon Ball Super Releases New Orange Piccolo Artwork

Dragon Ball Super may be over a month away from its latest release, but that hasn’t stopped the anime from still garnering attention today. Earlier this year, fans got access to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero after a short delay, and the film’s release in the US managed to surpass the domestic box office. Naturally, … Read more

Major mergers signal bad times for geeks, artists

There’s a lot going on in different art spaces right now, and it’s quite overwhelming, as these are the same places many go to to escape the ever-present violence (often state sponsored in some way) or try to navigate the complicated world. understand we have. in a more digestible way. Even enjoying this art in … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Art Presents Cell’s Return to the TV Anime

Dragon Ball Super is on its theatrical run in the United States and the latest film has all eyes on the anime again. Thanks to Gohan and Piccolo, the series has received a publicity boost like never before, and it’s not just the stars that shine. Goku and Vegeta aside, Dragon Ball has put Super … Read more

Hunter x Hunter Creator shares a look at their next art project

Hunter x Hunter creator Togashi Yoshihiro is working on new chapters of his wildly popular manga series, which previously had success thanks to his other major shonen series, Yu Yu Hakusho. With an exhibition honoring the artist in Japan, the manga artist created by Gon and his fellow fighters has become the most followed manga … Read more

The Last Airbender plugs Toph in with retro anime makeover

Avatar: The Last Bender has a lot going on behind the scenes and the fan base basks in all the attention. After all, Netflix is ​​leading the way in a live-action adaptation of the series, not to mention the work in Avatar Studios. While the work takes place behind closed doors, fans keep the franchise … Read more

New Trigun Stampede Concept Art Reveals Vash .’s Past

Earlier this year, the anime fandom was thrown into disarray when reports confirmed that Trigun was making a comeback. With creator Yasuhiro Nightow on board, Studio Orange has been working on a reboot of the gunslinging franchise for years. Now all eyes are on Trigun Stampede in anticipation of the highly anticipated release, and a … Read more

Megan Thee Stallion wears sexy ‘Sailor Moon’ outfit to perform in Japan: Watch

The Houston native showed love for one of the most iconic anime during her first time in Japan. Megan Thee Stallion Isn’t Slowing Down After Her Arrival Traumazine album – in fact, she’s going harder than ever when she just performed in Japan at Summer Sonic Festival, her first show in the Asian country to … Read more

YouTuber Ray Mona Reveals Unaired US Sailor Moon Pilot

A Sailor Moon cosplayerPhoto: Christopher Furlong (Getty Images) The collective internet has been fascinated for years by the mystery of an Americanized Sailor Moon pilot, which was founded in the early 1990s as an effort to market existing toys based on the Sailor Moon anime for western kids without anyone having to watch anime. Bits … Read more