A fanciful architect inspires a birdhouse-themed getaway

Architect Paul Backewich was inspired by a birdhouse when designing his outing – no fuss, nothing unnecessary and every architectural corner or line ends up exactly where it belongs.Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail Before I even rubbed the sleep away, my eye fell on a pair of brilliant blue jays fluttering about. Within seconds a … Read more

The Oculus, child of the space age, is reborn

The Oculus, a public washroom built in 1959 in a Toronto park, was in a serious state of disrepair and was in danger of being demolished when fans intervened to save it.Giaimo When I last visited the alien rune stone 11 years ago, Toronto residents were no longer interested in contacting the Venusians. However, the … Read more

A taste of Canada at Yonge and Dundas

Little Canada. Union Station.Dave LaBlanc/The Globe and Mail “I like getting small; it’s a wild, wild drug. Very dangerous for children, because they become very small. … One night I became very small and I got into a vacuum cleaner, and the medicine wore off. I kept the shape of a vacuum cleaner for about … Read more