Smorgasburg LA’s ‘BBQ Day’ Celebrates Its Hearty 6th Anniversary – NBC Los Angeles

What to know Smorgasburg LA at ROW DTLA Sunday 28 August from 10 am to 4 pm Free entrance July-in-August is full of Sizzle Season, when high temperatures can seriously sizzle, several exterior surfaces are too hot to touch and heat waves often take off from all sorts of everyday objects, adding to the overall … Read more

Canada requires nutritional warnings on the front of some packaged foods – Global News

Canada requires nutritional warnings on the front of some packaged foodsWorldwide news Saskatchewan organizations are happy ground meat is avoiding Health Canada sask. ranchers relieved Health Canada to end nutritional warnings on ground meat Nutritional Warnings | What will food labels look like in 2026?CTV News CCA celebrates as Health Canada waives meat … Read more

Man accidentally orders pizza with no toppings, internet has “so many questions”

The Reddit post has racked up a total of 8,900 upvotes. A social media post has gone viral after an internet user shared an image of a pizza he accidentally ordered with no toppings. Shared on Reddit, the original poster added two images, the first of which depicted a pizza with no toppings and what … Read more

Bridgefest returns to Houghton and Hancock

HOUGHTON, Michigan (WLUC) – As summer begins to bloom over the Keweenaw, people at UP and beyond are beginning to get excited about the return of the Houghton/Hancock Bridgefest. The annual celebration has been missed since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. β€œ2020 was clearly a no-go,” said Bridgefest committee member Ryan Towles. β€œIn 2021 … Read more