Steam is giving away free game with VR version

Steam is giving away what are essentially two games at no extra cost, they are literally free video games. Steam has a reputation for being one of the best places to play games on PC, thanks in large part to its great storefront. Not only is it filled with thousands of great games, but the … Read more

Victorian endangered malleefowl finds new mate

The endangered Malleefowl is known for their incredible ability to survive in the harshest desert conditions, but they’re still no match for feral cats and foxes. Malleefowl are chicken-sized ground-dwelling birds that build large mounds for nesting and are found in parts of NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Ecologist Trevor Bauer said Malleefowl … Read more

Who is Blockade Australia, and why are some members being charged with charges that could carry up to 10 years in prison?

Last Sunday, a building in Colo, northwest of Sydney, was dramatically raided by heavily armed police, with dogs and helicopters in tow. Most important points: Seven protesters have been charged after the raid, of whom could face four to 10 years in prison The activists’ lawyer says the police have not identified themselves Police say … Read more