Someone in Toronto rents out a small basement with half the kitchen in the bedroom

This week, in particularly gloomy Toronto apartments, some very unique accommodations are coming in in which half of the “mini-kitchen” is in the unit’s bedroom. While some people in the city rent out mattresses in the middle of their living rooms or “bedrooms” in shared hallways, this landlord is looking for someone willing to pay … Read more

Someone in Toronto is trying to rent out a mattress in the middle of their living room

Everything seems to be going well in Toronto’s now frenzied rental market, where demand is high, prices continue to rise and shockingly grim-looking units continue to hit the market. With an average rent in the city now over $2,600 a month, those on a budget could be left behind, especially now that we’re going back … Read more

Toronto developers expected to delay 10,000 units as delay hits condos presale

There are signs that the broader real estate slowdown has spread to the pre-construction market, where purchases are seen as bets on future homes as buyers wait years for their properties to be built.CARLOS OSORIO/Reuters Toronto developers are expected to delay the launch of 10,000 condo units this year as sales of construction condominiums plummet … Read more

These are the most affordable places to buy a home in Canada right now

Since home prices in and around Toronto are still completely unaffordable for the average person despite a somewhat cooling market, it makes sense that anyone with a dream of owning their own home might just consider moving to another place in the city. to move to Canada, where the cost of living is not so … Read more

Making this simple and surprising change to a home in Toronto can sell it for more

If you’ve managed to come up with the unfathomable amount of money it would take to buy a home in Toronto (or any major city in Canada for that matter) lately, when it finally comes time to sell, you’ll want to do your best to greatest value for money and get the most out of … Read more

Toronto could face a wave of condo project cancellations as costs rise

Toronto housing developers can cancel building up to 5,000 condo units as borrowing and building costs rise, according to an analysis by leading research group Urbanation Inc. Construction costs have risen across the country. Building a high-rise building in Toronto is now 21 percent more expensive than in the same quarter last year, according to … Read more

Investor Interest Shows Signs of Cooling Down in Toronto’s Pre-Construction Condo Market

The construction of the condominium project The Well in downtown Toronto will be shown on September 15, 2020. Like the resale market, front-end home buyers are beginning to put off purchases amid uncertain economic conditions.Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail Investor sentiment has begun to cool for new Toronto apartments, the latest sign that the sharp … Read more

Here you can still find a house for sale in Ontario for under $200k

Anyone who complains about home prices in and around Toronto has heard some story of a relative or friend who used to get hold of real estate in the city for what looks like pennies compared to today’s prices, often a few hundred thousand dollars for a detached house in a popular area. And while … Read more

Toronto neighbors have the best conversations through their apartment windows

Some might reasonably argue that major metropolitan areas will always lack the sense of community that smaller cities have, but residents of any part of Toronto manage to show how good they can be even while living amid thousands of faceless high-rise units with cookie cutters. CityPlace can be considered one of the areas of … Read more